Project-based Learning

Ancient Egypt

As part of our new topic, the children in Class 4 became archaeologists for the day and uncovered artefacts buried in the school. Have a look to see what they discovered!



Exit point

Class 4s invited their parents in to school to teach them what they had learned about forces. They really enjoyed themselves as you can see in the photos!

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At the end of their ‘Let’s Celebrate’ topic, Class 2s took part in a spring festival called Holi which is celebrated by Hindus in India and Nepal. As you can see, they really enjoyed themselves!

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‘We are what we eat’ was one of Class 2s recent PBL topics. They set up restaurants in their classrooms and created their own menus and food for the children to try out. They had a great time working as chefs and waiters!

Feel the force

Mr Daniel’s class have been carrying out lots of different investigations for their topic on forces. They got to do lots of fun activities and they learned a lot!

Exit point

Class 1s invited their parents in to find out what they had been learning about in their topic about the circus. They performed lot of different activities and taught the parents a lot about circuses!

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Whacky Water Works

As they started a new topic, Class 3s took part in a fun activity! They competed in a whacky water race and had to transport as much water from one area to another as fast as they could. Have a look at the video to see how they got on!

Egg drop

Class 4s created their own parachutes, attached an egg to it and dropped it. Do you think the egg broke? Have a look at the video to find out!

Exit Point

Class 3s invited their parents to come into their classrooms and find out what they have been learning about over the last few weeks. The parents really discovered a lot about ‘Adventurers and Explorers’!

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