Project-based Learning

Whacky Water Works

As they started a new topic, Class 3s took part in a fun activity! They competed in a whacky water race and had to transport as much water from one area to another as fast as they could. Have a look at the video to see how they got on!

Egg drop

Class 4s created their own parachutes, attached an egg to it and dropped it. Do you think the egg broke? Have a look at the video to find out!

Exit Point

Class 3s invited their parents to come into their classrooms and find out what they have been learning about over the last few weeks. The parents really discovered a lot about ‘Adventurers and Explorers’!

Human body

Class 6 students measured their lung capacity using a scientific method. They exhaled as much as they could to push the water out of the bottle and measured how much of it was displaced by the air from their lungs. Most students have a healthy lung capacity thanks to being physically active and eating well.

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Face painting

The children in Class 1 are going to be learning all about the circus. They designed their own clown face and then painted it on themselves. Have a look at the great results!


Marble run

The children in Class 4 really enjoyed making their marble runs! They tried to make sure they used materials with low friction so the marble would be able to get to the end. Have a look to see how they got on!

Taste test

While learning all about the senses, Class 1s did a taste test to see if they could recognise sweet, salty, sour and savoury sensations. Have a look at some of their reactions!


Having learned and improved their navigation skills, Class 3s went on a ‘geocaching’ trip. They had to try and find objects hidden around different areas of the city. They went to the local university and found lots of objects!

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Friction investigation

The children in Class 4 have been investigating friction. They had to see how many sugar cubes they could move to a bowl with chopsticks in one minute. They then tried doing the same with ice cubes. Which do you think was easier to do?

Have a look at our video to see how some of the children got on!


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