Project-based Learning

Volcanic eruptions

During our ‘Active Planet’ topic we learned all about volcanoes, earthquakes and techtonic plates. We created our own volcanoes, painted them and used a chemical reaction to make them erupt! Click on the link below to see the results in our video.

Link to video


Chocolate investigation!

The children were so excited to carry out this investigation. They were trying to find out if people can tell the different between dark, milk and white chocolate.

What do you think their results were?

Roller coasters

Class 6 students experimented with potential energy and kinetic energy when building their marble roller coasters. They experimented with different heights and different loop diameters to make the marble go through the loop.

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Here are Class 6L making learning themed posters inspired by the patterns and designs of old-fashioned fairground art. The finished banners are now decorating our corridor!

Welcome back!

As a new school year starts, you will be able to see all of the fun activities and projects that the children are doing in PBL here! We are all excited to be including robotics in to some of the topics and can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2016-17.

Class 5s

As part of our ‘Mission to Mars’ we built our own space buggy which we could send to a planet and help us learn more about it!


Class 4s

As a class we worked together to make an Ancient Egyptian tomb wall painting. See how it compares to the original!

Class 1s

Hooray….Let’s go on holiday! What a perfect way to finish off the year and get ready for the summer! We have created some holiday artwork for our final topic…

Class 4s

For our new topic we became archaeologists and did a ‘dig’ in our sandpit to find out what we would be learning about next. What do you think our topic is?

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