Project-based Learning

Taste test

While learning all about the senses, Class 1s did a taste test to see if they could recognise sweet, salty, sour and savoury sensations. Have a look at some of their reactions!


Having learned and improved their navigation skills, Class 3s went on a ‘geocaching’ trip. They had to try and find objects hidden around different areas of the city. They went to the local university and found lots of objects!

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Friction investigation

The children in Class 4 have been investigating friction. They had to see how many sugar cubes they could move to a bowl with chopsticks in one minute. They then tried doing the same with ice cubes. Which do you think was easier to do?

Have a look at our video to see how some of the children got on!


Let’s celebrate!

Class 2s have been learning all about different celebrations around the world. They made their own Chinese lanterns, maracas, Venetian masks and fireworks. Have a look at their brilliant work!

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Adventurers and Explorers

The children in class 3 became ‘adventurers and explorers’ for the day by making their own compasses and taking part in a treasure hunt!


While learning about prehistoric times, the children found out what fossils are and even made their own!

Significant People

Class 4s have been deciding which significant people should go on their ‘Wall of Fame’.

Do you know any of their names?Who else do you think should go on the wall?


Cave paintings

Class 3s have been learning about prehistoric peoples, where they lived, the clothes they wore and the materials and tools they used. They also looked at the type of artwork they created and made their own cave paintings in that style.

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Living museum

As part of the ‘People of the Past’ topic, Class 1s learned about lots of important people throughout history. They made history come to life when they created a ‘living museum’ for other children in the school!

Do you know the names of any of the historical figures?

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